OOC Announcement
Well fuck...
Terribly sorry about the quiet these past weeks. I've just started working at Meijer, which is a huge store in my region. I work from 10pm to 6:30am four nights a week so it's been hard to have any free time at all. But, I've decided that I'm quitting as soon as I find another job because I just...really can't hack it, l-lol.

So in addition to that and the disappearance of the other three mods, only one of which I've had contact with regarding the matter, I've decided that it's time to take semi-drastic measures.

I will not be closing down VP anytime in the forseeable future. As long as people are willing to stick it out, I'll keep going.

That being said, until I get a new job and have free time, I'm going to need some help.

So if there are people who are willing to volunteer to be moderators of the game and help me revive it, comment to this post with your contact information and various times that I'll be able to reach you to have lengthy conversations, that would be swell~


Event: 7.5
Dear Guests.....It would appear that my last announcement was in error....

We do seem to have a slight poltergeist problem throughout the buildings.

Residents who are able to commune with the dead have told us that the spirits are upset that building F was occupied as it was their home. To that end, they have decided to invade all of yours.

We have had several new symptoms to add to the haunting: rooms that are suddenly devoid of any heat, electronics and appliances turning on and off at random or spontaneously combusting, disembodied voices or body parts appearing throughout the building and perhaps the most disturbing, possession.

If your roommate or a friend that you know well begins to have unexplained personality changes then please make an announcement in your journal immediately and one of the spirit mediums will be over to help rid the afflicted person of it's hitchhiker.

We'd also like to ask if there are any guests present who have any talents dealing with this sort of thing, as there is a possibility that our mediums will not be able to handle all requests. Please respond here if you fit this description.

I am extremely sorry to announce that it doesn't look like they will be going anywhere very soon.

We are negotiating with their designated leader and will hope to reach a conclusion as soon as possible, thank you.


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